Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tomorrow, I'm gonna have a Geography test on National Exams and it really makes us (me and all of my social friends) feel soooooo stressed out, blargh
Aaaaaaargh I want to get a good score on this subject, but it's so hard for me to start studying and doing those fcuking exercises
And because I feel so bored and have no passion to study, so I made this drawing with graffiti on Facebook, aha!

This was made by myself. The drawing also dedicated to celebrate Earth Day, which is today!
Happy Earth Day, by the way!

Suddenly, a notification popped-out. It was Tessa, and she drew a graffiti for me. Haha I really like it! Begography yeah! :D

Still, I have no passion to study, so I made a drawing (again) and it was for Tessa. It's a "mateks" girl. "Mateks" stands for mati ekspresi which means have no expression. I think it's the effect of studying geography, ha-ha. Those Geography thingy make us become expressionless, because we feel so desperate to study it, especially to face tomorrow's exam (okay, I'm sorry for my super freak explanation ha-ha)

Oh God, I'm begging You, please give us your blessings so we can do the test well. And if we face a complication, I hope we will still calm and think clearly so we could find the right answers. For 12th graders: Let's fight for the next 2 days guys! We can do it! I'm sure we can pass the following exams with good score! :D

Anyway, I'm sorry for my bad English. I'm suck at grammar thingy, ha-ha

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