Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Homework

I got this homework from Ima. Thanks for tagging me, by the way :)


1. Do this HW
2. Tell the previous person that you’ve done it
3. Pass this to 5 of your friends

“You are having a close relationship with someone who loves you so much. At first, you love him/her too. But you know that your feelings for him/her won’t stay any longer. And it’s true. When time goes by, the feelings for him/her faint away. While he/she still loves you much more than before (the one who loves you is an incredibly kind person) what will you do?”

“Kamu lagi deket banget sama seseorang yang sangat mencintai kamu. Awalnya, kamu juga mencintai dia. Tapi kamu tahu kalau perasaanmu itu tak akan bertahan lama. Dan benar aja. Saat waktu berjalan, perasaan kamu ke dia memudar. Padahal dia masih sangat mencintai kamu, bahkan lebih dari sebelumnya (orang yang mencintai kamu itu luar biasa baik). Apa yang akan kamu lakukan?”

Here's my answer:
If I were on that position, maybe I wouldn't tell him the truth straight to the point because he's a very kind person and he loves me so much more than I do. I can't stand to hurt him because of that. So, maybe I'll try to love him again, and if it doesn't work, I'll tell him the truth that I don't love him anymore (in a polite way, of course) Well, if I already knew from the beginning that my feeling won't stay any longer, I would act as a friend and not giving a fake hope to him, so that he wouldn't get hurt.

Err, I tag anyone who wants to do this homework. Feel free to do this, heaps!
I gotta go now, wanna watch some DVDs instead of studying for tomorrow's tryout, ha-ha
Cheerio! :D

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