Sunday, December 13, 2009

Live high, mighty, righteously.

"Gantungkan cita-citamu setinggi langit-langit kamar, jangan setinggi langit di angkasa, biar kalau jatuh nggak sakit."
"Lex specialist derogat lege generalis"
"Nullum delictum nulla poena sine praevia lege poenalli"
"Love may be a chapter to a guy's life, but to a girl, it's the whole book."
"Jeanne, mending lo konsultasi ke PA lo kalo lo belom tau mau ngambil PK berapa."
"All I want for Christmas is you.."
"I want to be your favorite hello, and your hardest goodbye."
"Chasing the clock and I wish I could stop it"
"Men always want to be woman's first love, women like to be a man's last romance"
"I'm uber tanned. The sun loves me too much."
"Chill aja kaleeeeee. Santi dong, santiiiiii."
"I suddenly miss wearing those 'kotak-kotak ijo' skirt"
"Bang babi ngambang babi ngambang di Taman Lawaaaang"
"Jeanne si gaya oke bertampang datar"
"He's just...... unreachable"
"You may think I'm crazy when I look at you. I ain't even can keep my cool."
"Good friends don't let you do stupid things (alone)"
"Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think, and do your own thing."
"Gue ga siap buat UAS PHI! Bahannya zuper banyak ya gilaaaaakk, mau matik!"
"My secret obsession: learning how to play drum"
"I have the same thought like Dayinta: Gue bangga jadi anak IPS Sanur!"
" I want a new cellphone. Tapi udah pewe sama yang sekarang. Ah jadi bingung."
"Anyway, Congratulations to Bang Imad dan Bang Choky yang terpilih jadi Ketua dan Wakil Ketua BEM UI periode 2010! Semoga sukses dalam menjalankan tugas-tugasnya!"
"I don't know why but I find it hard for me to fall in love with someone"
"If it's a broken part, replace it. If it's a broken arm then brace it. If it's a broken heart then face it."

♥, Eureka!
P.S.: Sorry for being so random lately.


Sigit Jaya Herlambang said...

artistik... menguasai typhography ya?

Jeanne Eureka said...

wah, saya nggak menguasai typhography kok hehe thanks anyway :)