Friday, July 9, 2010

Deutschland uber alles!

He's surely the most fashionable and the hottest coach in World Cup 2010. Angkat aku jadi anakmu, Om! Jadi istri keduamu juga boleh... (HAHAHA CANDA LOH)

photos source: click

They got everything: amazing skills, great teamwork, good-looking coach (ha!), adorable looks (wink), and also the spirit of a winner. Too bad they didn't make it to the final round. But that doesn't matter because they have showed the world their greatest game.
Good luck for the game against Uruguay. I believe you guys will do the best. Eventough you're not the winner, you're still number one for me and all of your supporters! :)
DEUTSCHLAND fuer Weltmeisterschaft 2014!


Anonymous said...

where did u get the vintage shots? adorable :) me loves them!

Jeanne Eureka said...

Iya kak, woke banget ya aku juga super suka hehe :D
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