Saturday, December 24, 2011


"Geb, gue mending surprise-in sebelum atau sesudah Olim basket ya?"
"Sebelum aja beb hehehe"

Such an epic fail, ngirim SMS tentang surprise-nya ke orang yang mau lo surprise-in. Lesson learned: Telitilah sebelum mengirim SMS, jangan sampe salah tujuan yang bisa berakibat fatal. HA!

They say it's your birthday, we're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you!

I guess you've already known all of my wishes since your birthday was a month ago. Wish you nothing but all of the greatest things you've been dreaming of will be granted at the right time. This might not be the best birthday you've ever had, but hopefully will be memorable enough. Sorry if the cupcakes wasn't that tasteful, that was my first attempt ehe. Enjoy your 20, Sunshine! God bless you abundantly, vonyaR :):):)

With (sqrt(cos))*cos(200*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2),
Sugar :*

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Haven't had a single post this month. I actually got these bunch of thoughts inside my head that I wanna share, but can't seem to find the time to write. And here I am, blogwalking through my friends' blogs and find this on Yuke's blog. Since I got the time and also an internet connection, so, yeah...

Well then, the rule is simple. BOLD what applies to you:

01. You’re currently confused about someone’s feelings for you.

02. You have been in a serious relationship before.
03. You own an iPod of some sort.
04. You do not like your sibling’s girlfriend/boyfriend.
05. You drink too much alcohol.
06. You have been to the Olive Garden.
07. You have taken medicine of some sort this week.
08. It is really cold in your house right now.
09. You are extremely dependent on others.
10. You do not like to express your feelings in front of others.
11. You ate a lot of food today.
12. It doesn’t take much for you to cry.
13. People consider you as a happy sort of person.
14. Someone in your family is rich.
15. You have been to Disney World or Disneyland before.
16. You hate when people constantly talk about themselves.
17. You are a good listener, but you hate complainers.
18. Someone has called you for a serious medical emergency before.
19. You have had a serious surgery.
20. Your house has a spare bedroom.
21. Your house is old.
22. You have at least one cousin under the age of three.
23. You have never held a baby before.
24. You can’t handle toddlers.
25. You have a painting in your room.
26. You have been to Canada.
27. You have been to Mexico.
28. You love cherry flavored lollipops.
29. You celebrate Easter.
30. You observe Lent.
31. You are Catholic.
32. You do not believe in God.
33. Religion is not important to you.
34. You want to have a small family one day.
35. You would rather have more sons than daughters.
36. You have more aunts than uncles.
37. You hate being too cold.
38. You currently are way tanner than everyone else.
39. You wear shoes in your house.
40. Your parents are clean freaks.
41. You are more messy than clean.
42. You are currently angry at someone.
43. Patience is so not a virtue to you.
44. Your desk is extremely clean.
45. Your bed sheets are either blue, green, black, or white.
46. When you hear “black & white” it reminds you of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot n Cold’ song.
47. You have no clue what that song is.
48. You think rap artists are completely pathetic.
49. You are glad George Bush is out of office.
50. Politics are boring to you.
51. You take a vitamin daily.
52. You feel like you are sick often.
53. You hate throwing up.
54. You think it’s gross when people set food down on their desk at school with no napkin.
55. You also find it gross that people sit on top of desks.
56. You are now cringing at the thought of someone’s food where someone’s ass was.
57. You love getting bubble baths.
58. You do not like chocolate at all.
59. You are allergic to nuts.
60. You have been stung by a bee before.
61. You have been to the emergency room before for something.
62. One of your parents is 50 or older.
63. You are the baby of your immediate family.
64. You hate broccoli.
65. Cooked carrots are good, though.

66. You go on tumblr too much.
67. You are really comfortable right now.
68. You like witty t-shirts.
69. You are a major fan of underground bands.
70. You have been on an airplane before.
71. You are not afraid of heights.
72. You consider yourself paranoid.
73. You have had a panic attack before. (HELL YEAH)
74. The thought of being old and alone bothers you.
75. You would choose the elderly over children.
76. You feel like you’re living in the wrong decade.
77. You like the color green.
78. You think it’s way too cold outside right now.
79. You love the thought of sleeping in tomorrow morning.
80. You would rather go to bed early and get up early.
81. You feel like the early bird catches the worm.
82. You are a big breakfast eater.
83. You are currently suffering from the common cold.
84. You are craving something salty.
85. You have been in a car today.
86. There is something plugged in near you.
87. You have heard of the TV show “Private Practice.”
88. You do not like medical television shows.
89. You prefer horror to comedies.
90. You adore Leo & Kate.
91. You think high-waisted pants look good.
92. You hate cheesy movies
93. You enjoy camping out.
94. Bugs bother you.
95. You do well in school without trying.
96. You are extremely jealous of someone currently. (whoopsie)
97. You feel like you have changed a lot from 08-09.
98. You like energy drinks.
99. You like italics.
100. You know the entire script of Mean Girls.

Sorry if the post is kinda pointless, ehe.

Anyway, Indonesia just won the match againts Vietnam on football. The score was 2-0 for Indonesia's winning. HELL YEEEEEAAAHH!!! Good luck for the final round againts Malaysia! Break more than a leg! (not literally, hopefully).

Monday, October 31, 2011


31 Oktober 2011. Tiba-tiba teringat lagi akan dua resolusi kurang penting di awal tahun.
1. Bertandang ke Asmoro Klub di Sudirman (bener ga sih itu di Sudirman?)
2. Bertandang ke Mulia Agung Theater di perempatan Senen.

Dua bulan lagi untuk mewujudkan dua rencana gila di tahun dua ribu sebelas ini.
Dua bulan lagi menuju akhir tahun, sekaligus dua bulan lagi menuju awal tahun.
Dua bulan lagi menuju pergantian semester.

Dua bulan beberapa hari sudah bersama dia, and still counting (cie)
Ah, kenapa jadi curcol?

Nah, jadi beberapa bulan kemarin saya lagi cukup sibuk berkutat dengan ini nih:

Studio Perfilma itu buletinnya Perfilma FHUI yang terbit tiap bulan. Terbitnya masih labil sih, suka-suka aja mau awal, tengah atau akhir bulan. Yang penting terbit dan menghibur warga-warga FH yang butuh hiburan, karena anak-anak Pers Perfilma itu pria-pria dan gadis-gadis penghibur (tjanda) I have this kinda love-hate relationship sama buletin Perfilma. Antara seneng dan mesem-mesem kalo liat hasilnya caem, tapi capek dan bosen banget tiap bulan harus berurusan lagi sama Photoshop buat bikin layout, padahal skill juga pas-pasan. Emang cukup menyita waktu sih, tapi...

Sisa dua buletin lagi yang tersisa yang akan saya buat. Kya!
Buat yang mungkin pengen baca, sok atuh langsung meluncur:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Highly Needed


Summer 2011: Sinciapo - Melaka - Johor Bahru - Sinciapo
My friends thought it was funny when I said Singapore as Sinciapo, but when I found out the fact that the word Singapore will sound like Sinciapo in Chinese... I feel LIKE A BOSS all of a sudden! \m/

Oh, what I'm actually gonna say through this post is that I need another getaway.
Another schweet escape. With the loveliest ones, hopefully.


[a] (1) hilang akal (tidak tahu yg harus dilakukan): ia -- ketika disuruh menceritakan pengalamannya; (2) tidak tahu arah (mana barat mana timur dsb); tidak tahu jalan: ketika sampai di Pasar Senen, saya menjadi -- dan tidak tahu ke mana jalan ke Gambir; (3) gugup tidak keruan: ketika tersiar berita bahwa musuh mulai menyerang, penduduk menjadi --; (4) bodoh; tolol: yg -- makanan yg cerdik, yg tidur makanan yg jaga; (5) (merasa) kurang jelas (tt sesuatu); kurang mengerti: saya sebenarnya -- , yg mana kakaknya
(disalin dari KBBI online)

Bingung adalah ketika merasa laper lagi padahal belum lama baru makan
Bingung adalah ketika ada diantara beberapa pilihan dan nggak tau harus milih yang mana
Bingung adalah ketika masih nggak paham kenapa selalu ngerasa haus
Bingung adalah ketika belum bisa ngerti apa yang lagi dirasain sekarang
Bingung adalah ketika pengen ketemu lagi sama seseorang padahal baru aja ketemu
Bingung adalah ketika yang ada di hati berantem sama yang ada di otak
Bingung adalah ketika muncul pertanyaan kenapa bisa ada rasa nggak suka sama orang lain
Bingung adalah ketika muncul pertanyaan lagi kenapa bisa muncul rasa suka dari orang lain
Bingung adalah ketika muncul rasa ingin buang air kecil tapi lokasi tempat pembuangan yang cukup jauh membuat males gerak
Bingung adalah ketika ditanya "Apa kelebihan Anda?"
Bingung adalah ketika nggak tau apa lagi yang mau ditulis sekarang ini
Bingung adalah ketika... merasa bingung


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some things are better left unsaid

Matanya menatap monitor di depannya
Jari-jarinya bermain-main dengan papan kunci itu
Dan kotak putih polos itu sedikit demi sedikit terisi
Terisi dengan kata-kata yang bergelayutan di pikirannya
Kata-kata yang sedikit banyak bermakna
Kata-kata yang mungkin hanya dia seorang yang paham

Ditekannya tombol Backspace satu kali
Lalu satu kali lagi, satu kali lagi dan satu kali lagi
Karena satu dan lain hal, ditekannya tombol itu terus dan terus
Dan hilanglah seluruh untaian kata buatannya

"Disimpen dalem hati aja lah, hahaha"

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Born a poor young country boy, Mother Nature's son
All day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyone

Sit beside a mountain stream, see her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo

Find me in my field of grass, Mother Nature's son
Swaying daisies sing a lazy song beneath the sun

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo
Yeah yeah yeah

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, ooh ooh ooh
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm mm, wah wah wah

Wah, Mother Nature's son

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. See you when I see you :)

Oh, well, whatever, nevermind

What happens in the past, stays in the past. You might think you can't get over it, but if you really wanna try and make an effort, nothing's impossible. Truth is, time heals almost everything. It's up to you whether you want to step forward and live a brand new life or stuck in the moment and keep thinking about what you could've done and stuff.

"As a Gemini, you tend to think about love too much, worry too much and analyze your feelings too much." I'm so sorry for being too whiny. Maybe that is one of the reason why I tend to overthink everything. Oh, well, whatever, nevermind :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a difference a day made

Went to Arabian Food Festival on La Piazza on August 11th and watched Transformers 3 afterwards. Good food, good vibes, nice companion, though the movie wasn't as good as I expected. Anyway, something happened that night. And it was... surprising! Seriously. Still can't believe it was real haha. Thank you for one lovely day (and night), kid. Let the journey begin! :)

(P.S.: This post is dedicated to some of my friends who asked me to post some unyu thing. I bet you know who you are. #cie)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bucket List #....

"One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you"
Entah kenapa, beberapa hari kemarin pikiran tentang ini hinggap lagi di pikiran gue. Gue tersadar... kalo selama ini gue masih sering terlalu bergantung sama orang lain. Bergantung dalam banyak hal lah, finansial, kebahagiaan (haaaz), termasuk dalam ngambil keputusan atau mau ngelakuin sesuatu.

Gue masih bergantung sama orangtua sampe sekarang, masih belum punya penghasilan sendiri. Gue kadang baru merasa seneng kalo orang lain bikin gue seneng. Gue sering ngambil keputusan dengan mikirin hal-hal kayak “kalo gue begini, nanti orang lain bakal mikir apa ya?” atau “kalo gue berbuat ini, nanti dampaknya ke dia apa ya?” Dan gue jadi mikir. Mikir apakah ini hal yang aneh, atau ini tanda gue belum dewasa, atau mungkin artinya... gue terlalu dependent? Or am I just mentally ill? (lebay)

Bukannya gue nggak pernah ambil keputusan dengan pertimbangan gue sendiri. Pasti pernah. Tapi ya itu, seringnya gue emang bertanya dulu sama orang, dan bandingin antara pertimbangan gue dan orang itu, barulah gue bisa ambil suatu keputusan. Pengen banget sekali aja gue ambil keputusan tanpa perlu ada embel-embel pendapat orang lain, or at least ambil keputusan sesuai mau gue, tanpa perlu mikir apa dampaknya buat orang lain, atau apa yang orang lain bakal pikir atau bilang tentang keputusan gue itu.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey Ho Let's Go

Berniat ganti URL blog karena mulai bosan sama yang ini.
Yang terlintas di otak: atau
Which one is catchier? Atau ada ide yang lain? Derima gazih! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

That should be me poking your cheek

The 8th Justice, Art, Music on Stage, 2011: "Express the Unleashed, Revive the Freedom"

The biggest music event held by FHUI! Jarang-jarang kan ada acara anak FH yang berbau non-hukum? Nah, buat yang bertanya, JAMS ini acara dari Badan Otonom Pers, Fotografi, Film dan Musik Mahasiswa (BO Perfilma) FHUI. Keren abich ngga sih Perfilma bisa ngadain acara kayak gini, hehehe (chauvinis)

Anyway, ini kali pertama gue dateng ke Salihara yang terletak di Pasar Minggu. One thing for sure: tempatnya pewe berat! Buat gig-gig atau acara-acara seni gitu cocok lah, cocok banget malah. Mungkin gue akan sering ke Salihara ke depannya (cie)

Pameran foto dari peserta lomba fotografi. Hadiahnya dahsyat loh: tiket jalan-jalan ke Kuala Lumpur dan Bali! Pengen kan? Pasti nyesel deh yang ngga ikutan (sotoy)

KarnaTra. Musiknya asik, lagu-lagunya enjoyable dan enak didenger. Aksi panggung boleh lah diacungi jempol, menarik hati! Lagu penutup mereka di malam itu judulnya Moksa, jadi inget pelajaran Religiositas waktu SMA #eaaa

Sehabis KarnaTra ada Respito, tapi ngga ada fotonya. Respito ini juga keren! Band ini nasionalis sekali guys. Vokalisnya pake baju I RI dan drummernya nyelipin bendera Merah Putih di deket drumnya. Mantep ya!

Next, ada MORFEM. Nah, gue nyesel nih ngga nonton Morfem gara-gara kelaperan dan milih buat makan di Kopitiam. Kenapa gue nyesel? Karena katanya aksi panggungnya juga ciamik trendy funky masa kini. Maybe next time ya mas-mas sekalian.

Next: Adhitia Sofyan. Semua penonton langsung ambil posisi buat duduk, karena lagu-lagunya doi emang enak buat dinikmatin sambil duduk-duduk santai. Apalagi kalo ada yang nemenin di sebelahnya buat diajak sing along bareng (ehem).

ANDA With The Joints. Band yang satu ini aksi panggungnya seru banget, nggak boong deh! Lagu-lagunya juga catchy gitu. Drummernya enerjik banget, sampe-sampe salah seorang temen gue si Georgine Bianca a.k.a Gebi langsung pengen bawa pulang si Mas Drummer. Pengen beli CDnya tapi kelupaan (bodoh kan)

The Indonesian version of Michael Cera, if I might say. Take a look of his blog if you're interested:

I literally can't keep my eyes off of him (and Iga). Who can resist a good-looking guy who can sing and play guitar... and has a charming and hypnotizing smile?

The Trees and The Wild rocked the stage! Their performance was... orgasmic. Sayang penampilan mereka kemarin kurang lama. Looking forward to see their next gig.

Sampai jumpa di 9th JAMS 2012! Kudu lebih sukses lagi dari JAMS 2011! Kudos!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zwanzig Jahre Alt

The title says it all. And yes, gue genap berusia dua dekade di 19 Juni kemarin.
Gue udah berkepala dua sekarang. Yes, udah bukan pake awalan 1 lagi, tapi 2.
Umur sih boleh 20, tapi kelakuan masih aja petakilan kayak bocah kemaren sore.

Bener-bener ngga nyangka banget gapake boong. Sampe ke airport deh cobak!
Makasih banyak juga buat semua yang ngucapin di jejaring sosial, SMS, talipun, dll.
Aku... hamil, eh, terharu sekali. Terima kasih banyak mentemen semuaaa! :')