Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Hi. I'm a boy. Here's how it goes. I'm gonna flirt with you, then diss you.
I'll send you mixed messages, hit on your friends, lie to you. Then I will lead you on so you fall for me. I'll make you happy for a night, but tomorrow I'll completely ignore you.
You'll be the one I turn to when I need a friend or confidence boost.
Know what the best is? You can't do anything about it because you love me.
And you don't want to lose me. Ha."
(got this from tumblr)

Gosh, please tell me that you're not doing those things to me.
I like the way you say those words, though I know it was just kidding.
I kinda like the way you treat me, though it means nothing for you.
I'm not saying I'm in love with this guy, but yes, he's got my attention.


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