Saturday, May 21, 2011

"We're like dominoes,

...I fall for you, you fall for another"

picture: tumblr

"Overthinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, turns things around, makes you worry, and just make things worse than it actually is."
"The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all."
"I can't lie you're on my mind, stuck inside my head. I wanna feel your heart beat for me instead."
"Just because she smiles, doesn't mean she's happy. She smiles because she's hopeful, she has faith and she's strong."
"If he likes you, he'll pay attention to you, smile when he's around you, and you'll catch him looking at you often."
"Why did Aurora sleep for 100 years? To tell us that you might have for quite some time for your true love to come along, sometimes very long, but it's worth it."
"He saw her, he wanted her, he got her, he had fun, he got bored, he left her, she's broken. Isn't this how it always goes?"
"Girls fall in love in what they hear. Boys fall in love in what they see. That's why girls wear make up and boys lie."
"The difference between 'like', 'love' and 'in love' is the same as the difference between 'for now', 'for a while' and 'forever'"
"My biggest mistake wasn't falling for you, it was thinking you'd fallen for me too."

Gue udah terkesan galau belom? Hahahaha (sengaja) :b
P.S.: Ini ngga sepenuhnya curhatan hati kok. Tenang, tenang. Kenapa dah ini pada bilang gue galau? Men, gue ngga segalau itu kok. Yakinlah. #selfdenial #alibi #eaaa Yaudah, yaudah. Gue akan mengurangi ngepost hal-hal yang mengarah pada perasaan-yang-so-2010/2011: galau. This might be the last (well, hopefully), jadi sekalian aja gue post yang galau parah sampe pengen garuk-garuk tanah. Anyway, buat semua yang lagi baca ini, dapet salam dari Adam Levine. Arrivederci!

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