Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a difference a day made

Went to Arabian Food Festival on La Piazza on August 11th and watched Transformers 3 afterwards. Good food, good vibes, nice companion, though the movie wasn't as good as I expected. Anyway, something happened that night. And it was... surprising! Seriously. Still can't believe it was real haha. Thank you for one lovely day (and night), kid. Let the journey begin! :)

(P.S.: This post is dedicated to some of my friends who asked me to post some unyu thing. I bet you know who you are. #cie)


Felicia Agata Primadita said...

ai ai ai ciye jeanne :3
siapa nama pacarnya? :DDD

yohanmisero said...


halo epaui
nih ceritanya nih