Monday, February 27, 2012


"Jeanne dulu nggak gampang nangis. Kayaknya perlu dibikin Program Cheerful Jeanne. Mulai dari sekarang ya." -- Awkay, challenge accepted!
First of all, sorry if I'm being too whiny and demanding to you, and even for being cynical to one particular person (seriously, am I that cynical? hehehe). Second of all, thank you for the "EPT", the chit-chat, laughter, tears and everything we had in the past several nights. To be honest, those were quite like a roller-coaster. And last but not least, semoga aku bisa kurang-kurangin mikirin hal-hal yang nggak perlu dan hopefully kita makin A6 like a G6 ke depannya! :) :)

"Jeanne harus positif! Jeanne nggak boleh negatif!"
A-OK! Will keep this in mind :)

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