Friday, May 30, 2014

The Comeback


Good morning, good people.
How are you guys doing? Hope each and every one of you are doing great today.

I know it's been a while since the last time I wrote on this blog. It was on 2013. Wow.
I suddenly realized the importance of reading and writing your thoughts into a sentence, because lately I feel like my brain becomes so dull, especially when I want to express something. I sometimes feel confused picking words to say.
And because of that, I promise myself one thing in 2014: to write regularly, whether on this blog or maybe just random rambling on my notes.

So today I basically got nothing important to do and I just stumble upon here and there from one to other websites. Meanwhile, a friend of mine is having a trip to Komodo Island and sent the teaser of his trip to this one group chat, which brought the envy of me and my other friend who stuck at our office. So ironic.

Oh, and since today is Friday, I am going to Bandung this evening after the office hours with some of my friends. Earlier, we had the plan to go paragliding in Puncak, but the weather was not really good in the past few days, so the paragliding instructor told us to postpone it to next week.
Have you guys got any plan for the weekend?

So, yeah I guess I'm gonna have my lunch in a few minutes.
Have yourself a great day. Cheerio!

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