Monday, September 1, 2014

Jazz Gunung // Mt. Bromo

Last June, some of my high school friends and I attended this annual event, Jazz Gunung, which took place in Java Banana Inn near Mt. Bromo. That was my second time visited Mount Bromo, and it was still as magical as if it was my first time.

"You should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes, it brought me back to life"

It was still dawn and we could see nothing but the light from our hardtop on our way to Pananjakan. The epic part was when we were on our way back and realized that we were actually crossing a desert. There are some interesting spots beside Mt. Bromo itself, such as Pasir Berbisik and Bukit Teletubbies. And again, the scenery was so breathtaking I could say nothing but wowza.

Listening to good tunes with great companions with awesome sunset in the back of the stage in Jazz Gunung, wandered around Mt. Bromo and its surroundings, my friend and I blew our birthday candles at the crack of dawn, had Surabaya city-tour even for a short period of time; obviously a delightful weekend getaway. Let's have another trip to explore the beauty of Indonesia, shall we?

(all pictures taken with my Kodak digicam)

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