Friday, October 27, 2017


It is said that the Universe will keep letting you be in the same cycle,
until you've learned something from the following situation.

I guess I've finally realized what cycle that I am in, it is to deal with people who have unfinished business with the past
But since I haven't found the way out of that circumstances,
and I keep pushing people away from my life
wanting to see if they would do something to stay,
but apparently I haven't learned a thing.
So I had to face the lesson once again, losing the one you love.

What would you do if you could turn back time?
Would you do it the same way or the other way around?
For me, I would not want it the other way around,
just wish for a more exciting ending, for us.
But that is not how the world works, right?

Dan setelah luka-lukamu reda 
Kau lupa aku juga punya rasa
Lalu kau pergi kembali dengannya 

Aku pernah menyentuhmu apa kau malu

Then I noticed the sign on your back
It boldly says try to walk away
I go on pretending I'll be ok
This morning it hits me hard that
Still everyday I think about you
I know for a fact that's not your problem
But if you change your mind,
you'll find me hanging on to the place

Where the big blue sky collapse

You are the one I wanted most to stay,
But you didn't, anyway.

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